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Roller Jam Magazine

Started publishing in 1999. Only 2 issued actually made it to the shelf.
Magazine Name Roller Jam Magazine
Date of Magazine December 1999
Volume Information Vol 1 No 1
Article Content


Premiere Issue

December 1999

D'Amato:Can he walk the walk?
No BS from the Bod Squad
Weber:Innovator or Imitator?
Who's Sorry Now?Is it really the end for Sean and Denise?
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Photo of Crystal, Riot #57
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Photo of Pasi, Sundog #7
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From the publisher

The name conjures up endless visions of excitement and drama. And, here at last is a magazine that can do justice to the fastest, sexiest, and most extreme show on television.

When I first heard the rumblings that Roller Derby was making a comeback, I was intrigued. Coming from the UK, where RollerDerby was non-existent, the only memories I could draw upon were an old Addams Family cartoon episode from teh early '70's, with the Addams family taking on the Demons, where the main characters were named "Woody the Goody" and "Pete the Cheat". And what boy of my age could ever forget the vision of Raquel Welch in the movie KansasCity Bomber?Wow, be still my heart!

What I'm saying is that Roller Derby was pretty much before my time, so don't expect me to ramble on for hours and hours talkingabout the "good old days." That was then and this is now. RollerJam is now. However, months of research ensures that I understand the impact Roller Derby has had on all forms of American Pop Culture, inluding wrestling, and that there wouldn't be RollerJam today without it. I would like to salute everyone involved in Roller Derby and issue a big thank you toall of you.

I've been a fan of RollerJam since the show's inception in January, 1999. At the time, I was the publisher and editor of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) Magazine, but I couldn't wait to involve myself with this new sport. I know that we are going to produce a magazine every bit as colorful, and exciting as the sport itself.

What will you find in this mag? Well, hopefully eerything you ever need to know about every skater in the WSL. We'll take you behind the scenes, away from the track, and even into the homesof all your favorites. Through our camera lenses, you'll be taken closer to the action than at any other time in Roller history. How close? Well let's putit this way, it wasn't until my fifth year of photographing wrestling that I received my first injury when I was hit by a flying chair. Since covering RollerJam, I've been hit by flying skates more times than I care to remember, including one time when P.J. Rosi careened out of control and his skate kicked my camerainto my face, resulting ina chin gash that needed aa couple of stitches. We'll make sure RollerJam is covered in every way you can imagine and some you haven't even thought of. Oh, by the way, that's us at trackside covered head to foot in pads looking like extras from a bad alien B-movie.

Like evert sport, RollerJam has its share of fan favorites and established stars, and in this magazine you will find an abundance of info about the Atkinsons, D'Amatos, Lodens, browns, and Blitsches of the league, but to us, every single skater who steps out on to the banked track is a hero, and you, the fans, create the stars, so let us know who you want to see featured and we will oblige. This magazine wasn't created for the skaters, nor the WSL, it's here for you. Let us know what we are doing right, and also what you don't like. With your feedback we can produce the best magazine on the racks.

Before youask, I have no favorites. I can find qualities I enjoy in everyteam and every skater - well, almost every skater. It is my job...and that of my staff (remember that, all of you), to remain neutral. You have to be objective if you're going to be effective. It'll take a lot more than a flashy smile, a suitcase of money, and a great body to become the feature of this magazine(Feel freeto try itnow and again,though. Especially the suitcase of money bit!).

Well that's enough from me this issue. Buckle up, adjust your bits and skate hard, but always remember to use adequate protection.

Read on and enjoy,E-mail to:

Includs photos of:the Bod Squad and Denise Loden.
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Contents page.
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Ad for RollerJam and Wrestling and Motor Madness.
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Editor's Notes
by Patty Therre

I grew up watching wrestling but now and then I would flick through the channels and catch a glimpse of Roller Derby and think, "How do they do all that and manage to stay on skates?"

Not being the atheletic type myself - just standing up on skatesis a major challenge - buzzing around a track and ducking opponents at the same time absolutely amazes me. I never did get hooked on Roller Derby, although, looking back, I wish I had. the talent was astounding and the action was very cutting edge for its time.

But I went the wrestling route and learned everything that I could about the "sport," eventually becomng the Executive Editor of WCW Magazine for a few years.

And then RollerJam came along. At first, I was hesitant. I had a routine! I knew everybody and writing about wrestling was as easy as slicing through warm butter. Suddenly, I was thrust into a new world, one with rules I didn't understand, people I didn't know, and a sport I knew very little about except that it was played on inlne skates.

PHase One of my transformationbegan when I viewed the first season's games and began to undersand that there was a definite method to the madness of RollerJam. I watched old Derby tapes to acquaint myself with the differences between the upstart sibling and its parent. I tried to guess what I would do if I were referee when they had those little segments on last season posing questons to the fans about a particular cal. But it wasn't until I headedoff to Las Vegas to meet and interview the skaters during the first half of the season that I really started believing in what I waas about to embark upon.

My next step was meeting these jammers, and blockers. I expected their egos to be as big as their helmets, and was fully prepared for it. I was after all, used to interviewing wrestlers. Niff said.

To my surprise (and delight), the skaters were totally cooperative and I enjoyed each interview. Some skaters (hear that WEBER?) were a bit cocky, but took the time to answer all my questions and put up with my total lack of "roller lingo." (I can't tell you how many times I referred to the banked track as a "rink" in the interview!)

It was in Las Vegas that I grew to appreciate all that the WSL skaters do. The games were long and very competitive, especially with the grudges and personality clashes from team to team (and teammate to teammate). The schedule was a tough one and the skaters were understandably nervous about performing in that huge arena. Still, they put on great shows, worked through the pain and exhaustion, and played to the best of their abilities game after game.

For those of you who think this is an easy sport, I'm reminded of an argument that I lost with my publisher Colin, who is a huge soccer fan. Here in the U.S., soccer is looked at as a secondary sport to football and other contact sports. I never sat down and watched a soccer game; why would I? How boring - small people people running about after a ball with no physical contact. One day I was "forced" to watch a soccer game because Colin was stuck in an airport and NEEDED to know the results. After about twenty minutes, I was unbelievably impressed. These athletes work their butts off! There are no timeouts, no breaks other than halftime, and no switching between offensive and defensive teams. The 11 players are out there for a full 90 minutes. The run from the beginning to the end of the game. RollerJam reminds me of soccer. The athletes are out on that track nonstop, breaking only while the other gender is on the track. Ever skate around a track as fast as you can while others are in hot pursuit of you, ready to pummel you? Like I said, since I never learned the art of being able to standup on skates, I can honestly say, I have never tried that. I can also honestly say that I would never wnat to. I will leave that work to the talent of the WSL, while I sit behind my computerand churn out articles and interviews with the guys and girls of RollerJam.

And speaking of the guys and girls of RollerJam, I have to give a huge thumbs up to general manager Kenneth Loge III! The WSL needs more men like him. He goes by the rules and enforces them. Cool guy. RollerJam is a sport that needs rules and regulations. It is one that needs more Kenneth Loges. There should be no stunts and certainly no cheating. People like Mark D'Amato, Sean Atkinson, and Mark Weber should be benched. Denise Loden and the Bod Squad should be banished! In fact, Bill Barker is the ONLY RollerJam member who plays by the rules, every game. You know what? I think the WSL would be far better off with a full group of Bill Barkers on the teams. Picture it. Kenneth Loge in charge and six teams of Bill Barker! Now THAT'S a recipe for excitement!


Next issue, I will give you the lowdown on who I think will make it in RollerJam and why (see page 3 for a sneak preview of one of my favorites!). I will also bring to you my insights on the behind-the-scenes events that make RollerJam tick.

RollerJam is the most creative and exciting show to come along in many years. It combines the athleticism of pro sports, the drama of professional wrestling, and gives fans a chance to cheer their favorites and jeer thier villains. RollerJam is, in a word, innovative. And I'm happy to be a part of it all. It's an exciting time to be a RollerJam fan. Be on the lookout for the new T-shorts, action figures, video games, and other RJ Merchandise! I hope you join us as we continue to explore the "rolling world of RollerJam!"



page 9
1999 Reader AWARDS
I would like to vote for the following: Name______________
Team of the Year_______________________ Address____________
Skater of the Year_____________________ ___________________
Male Jammer of the Year________________ City_______________
Female Jammer of the Year______________ State______________
Male Blocker of the Year_______________ ___________________
Female Blocker of the Year_____________ ZIP________________
Sexiest Male Skater____________________ Email Address______
Sexiest Female Skater__________________ Age_______M/F______
Best Maneuver__________________________ T-shirt size_______
Subscriber: Y or N Favorite Skater____

Send your entries to:
1999 Reader Awards
RollerJam Magazine
N. Syracuse
NY 13212
Or email .All entries must be received by Dec 31st, 1999. The first entry pulled out will receive a year's subscription to RollerJam Magazine, $200.00 worth of merchandise, and a signed photo of your favorite skater.
page 10 to 15
A week by week run-down of all the events of WSL for the first season including full statistics and team photos as well as a few action photos. They indicated that the top scorers were Heather Gunin at #1 with 134 points followed by Sam Martin with 108 points. Pasi had 105, Amy Craig, a respectable 101, Debbie Rice ran up 97 points, with Eric Slopey really close at 96. The next skaters in order were Fred Eichhorn, Brian Gallagher, Chellie Rossell, Denise Loden, and Micah Martin. The magazine listed the events made going into season two such as trades and retirements(Chellie Rossell, Vickie McEwen, Amanda Osbourn, Lara Hlavin, Pam Hutchinson, Hillary Meissner) and new skaters to the league.
page 16 and 17
Email to the magazine:
GET WELL SOON HEATHER:During the first season of RollerJam, I felt that the best one-on-one matchup occurred in the jams involving New York Enforcer Heather Gunin and California Quake Amy Craig. The rivalry between the Martin brothers was cool too, but it doesn't come close to the Gunin-Craig match up at all. Their combination of beauty and speed keeps me glued to my TV. So, needless to say, ever since I found out that Heather Gunin is out for the season due to injury, I've been very disappointed. Iwas really looking forward to watching their rivalry unfold, but it will have to be put on hiatus for now. Get well soon, Heather, and go Enforcers in season two!
COME TO NEW YORK:I just wanted to write and say how great it is to have Roller Derby back! I've been a fan forever and desperately wanted the sport to return and I have to say ... it's been worth the wait! I expect RollerJam to continue to grow in popularity, and with the constant action being televised weekly, thanks to TNN. The skaters are great, both their personalities and their skating. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there will be some games in New York sometime soon.
OVERWHELMED:I have to say that as soon as I heard there would be a RollerJam magazine, I rushed out and got a money order to buy a subscription. I've been hoping there would be a RollerJam magazine, and now that it's almost here, I can't help but feel overwhelmed! Thank you for producing something that I've looked forward to for a long time. But I've been wondering, how are Denise and Sean doing? I know that they are/were engaged to be married, but there had been some friction by the end of season one. What's the status of theis relationship?
ANSWER:As you can see by the cover, things between Sean and Denise look like they are over. But given the fiery nature of both these stars, who really knows for sure?
REINSTATE AMY:It really doesn't matter who truly won the Roller Derby Queen contest because the best girl didn't get a chance to compete. Until Amy Craig is reinstated, the contest will remainmeaningless.
#1 FAN: I just want to thank you for sending me the exclusive RollerJam pin that I recently received for subscribing to the new RollerJam magazine. Let me be the first to say thank you for putting together a magazine about RollerJam, I'm really looking forward to it. I've been a fan of banked track skating since 1971 and I've beena fan of RollerJam ever since I attended the inaugural games in Orlando. I was so impressed that I returned to Orlando in March and got to spend some time with the skaters, and then i was in Las Vegas for the games there. I got to spend time with the skaters again at the "Meet and Greets" after the games. All the skaters, from the oldest veterans to the youngest rookies were all really nice. The WSL is a terrific organization. I continue to watch and enjoy the games on TNN every week and look forward to attending as many road tour games as possible.
SKATER WANNABE:I really admire the courage and athleticism of the RollerJammers. I'm wondering, is there a way I can try out for one of the teams?
ANSWER:You can send your resume and a photo c/o this magazine and we will pass it on to the WSL. Please mark the envelope "Skater Application" clearly on the outside.
HOT, HOT, HOT!:Lindsay Francis is the hottest girl on any television show. Debra McMichael can keep her "puppies," and Gorgeous George is just "Plain" George by comparison. Studio bosses, check out this babe before you waste anymore money re-signing yesterday's girls like Aniston, Cox, Kudrow, and McCarthy. One request for Lindsey, ditch the Rustlers uniform and skate in something that does justice to your assets.
ANSWER:Is this what you had in mind?(PHOTO OF LINDSEY IN SKIMPY BIKINI)
MINISTER?:Is Jannet Abraham really a minister?
ANSWER:Yes, she really is. And in the next issue we will bring you more pictures from one of her sermons, along with an exclusive interview with the "Minister of pain."
SKATER ADDRESSES: I am a big fan of RollerJam and I am thrilled to hear that there is a magazine coming out about RollerJam. My favorite team is the Florida Sundogs. They are the best skaters in the WSL. My favorite skater in the league is Denise Loden. She isawesome. But I have a question for you;will you publish the skaters' email addresses in the magazine so their loyal fans can write to them?
ANSWER:You can send email in the following way:
SEND YOUR MAIL TO Track Talk, RollerJam Magazine, PO Box 44, North Syracuse,NY 13212 or email .
page 18 and 19
page 20 to 23
CALIFORNIA QUAKES are showcased.
page 24 to 26
A three page sread on the Bod Squad with lots of photos.
page 27
How to subscribe to RollerJam Magazine. Telephone orders:1-315-458-8123 or mail the order form to Subscription Dept RJ Howl Ltd. , PO Box 44, Borth Syracuse, NY, 13212, USA. The cost is $18.00 for a year (6 issues).
page 28 to 31
Team Profile
The SUNDOGS are profiled.
page 32 to 34
A three page spread on Denise Loden with emphasis on her relationship with Sean.
page 35
Make a Date! Ad for the WSL calendar.
page 36 to 38
A foldout page with D'Amato on one side and Sean on the other.
page 42 to 45
NEW YORK ENFORCERS are profiled.
page 46 to 48
A three page spread on D'Amato's bid for the union presidency.
page 49
A full page of answers to two questions by 25 skaters. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? AND WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM?
page 50 to 53
The Texas Rustlers are profiled here.
page 54 to 55
Was Brian's Big Move Too Much Of A Gamble?
A feature on Brian Gamble and his move from the Enforcers to the Rustlers.
page 56 to 59
The Illinois Riot are profiled here.
page 60 to 61
A feature of Richard Brown.
page 62 to 65
The Nevada Hot Dice are featured here.
page 66 to 67
A full feature of Mark Weber showing his moves and lots of photos including his game with the quad skates.
page 68 to 71
A long story of how RollerJam developed starting with Joan Weston.
page 72 to 73
Ad for RollerJam Merchandise
page 74
Photo of Rocky, #18 of the Enforcers
page 75
Photo of Suzanne, #5 of the Sundogs

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